23/04/2018  Markus Stockhausen's Quadrivium: jazzahead! recording online now

jazzahead 2018 is over, and we are - albeit still a bit tiredly - back in our everyday life. We'd like to thank everyone who visited us to chat, to scheme, to laugh and to drink... water. We're already looking forward to next time!
For those of you who missed the Showcase of Markus Stockhausen's Quadrivium or - even better - for those who want to see it again, here's the complete recording.

Quadrivium Showcase jazzahead! 2018

19/04/2018  o-tone music goes jazzahead!

See you at booth 6D09!

11/04/2018  Fjarill: New video online

On April 6th, Fjarill released their brand new album "Kom Hem" as well as the video for their single "Hypnos".

"Hypnos Video"

11/04/2018  Ntjam Rosie on ZDF Morgenmagazin tomorrow

Tomorrow, Ntjam Rosie will present her new single "Never Give Up" on German morning TV programme ZDF Morgenmagazin, starting at 6:30!

"Never Give Up" Video

06/04/2018  Triple release day at o-tone

Triple release day at o-tone today:

1. It's Ntjam Rosie's new single "Never Give Up" off her upcoming album "Breaking Cycles", check out the video:

2. It's the first single "The Future (or the Now)" by Exit Universe, preceding their upcoming record "Because the World is Round" - see the video here:

And 3. It's the new album "Going to Ladakh" by Achim Kirchmair Trio. Click the link below for a little foretaste!

Video: Going to Ladakh

28/03/2018  o-tone music featured in local paper Gießener Anzeiger

Local newspaper Gießener Anzeiger published an article about o-tone music's founder and boss Uwe Hager yesterday. See the link below:

Gießener Anzeiger


28/03/2018  Exit Universe: New video

The video for Exit Universe's first single "The Future (and the Now)" off their upcoming record "Because the World is round" is there!

"The Future (and the Now)" Video

23/03/2018  Ntjam Rosie to present new single on national Television

Ntjam Rosie has a full schedule:

On April 6, the first single "Never Give Up" off her upcoming record will be released via o-tone Music/Edel:Kultur,
on April 12, she'll be presenting her single on German TV morning programme ZDF Morgenmagazin, and
on June 8, her new Album "Breaking Cycles" will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Until then check out the Video for "Never Give Up" here:

"Never Give Up" Video

16/03/2018  Aeham Ahmad & Edgar Knecht Trio in Marburg tonight

Aeham Ahmad & Edgar Knecht Trio tonight at Lutherische Pfarrkirche Marburg! Tickets will be available at the door!

Aeham Ahmad & Edgar Knecht Trio bei hr2-kultur


14/03/2018  Robyn Bennett: EPK for new album "GLOW"

The EPK for Robyn Bennett's upcoming album "GLOW" is here!


12/03/2018  New single by Emil Brandqvist Trio out now

Last Friday, Emil Brandqvist Trio released their new single "Landscapes" via SKIP Records.
See the link above for the song on Spotify:

"Landscapes" auf Spotify

10/03/2018  Markus Stockhausen's new project "Wild Life" on arte

In February, Markus Stockhausen - accompanied by companions and friends - presented his new project "Wild Life" at WDR3 Jazzfest. You can now watch the entire concert online.

Markus Stockhausens "Wild Live" @ arte

10/03/2018  On the road this weekend...

Saturday, 10.03.2018

Itamar Borochov | Singen - Kulturzentrum GEMS e.V.

Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber - INSIDE OUT | Neuburg - Stadttheater / Neuburgmusik Festival

Jasper Van't Hof Quartett | Sindelfingen - Pavillon Sindelfingen

Achim Kirchmair Trio | A-Landeck - Altes Kino Landeck